How microbial cleaners work their magic

Unlike traditional cleaning products that rely on enzymes, microbial cleaners like EatOils™ contain live or spore-form bacteria that have been carefully selected for their cleaning and environmental benefits. These bacteria work by producing enzymes that break down stubborn dirt and grime, providing the energy source the bacteria need to keep growing and thriving.

But don't be fooled - these living bacteria require specific dosing and application dwell time to be truly effective. However, the results are well worth the wait, as microbial cleaners can clean more thoroughly and safely than traditional cleaners, all while promoting a healthier environment for you and your family.


Our Versatile Product Line, Any Surface From Counters to Mines

Microbial cleaning is a safe and effective way to remove a wide variety of contaminants from various surfaces. Our products use naturally occurring microbes with an affinity for hydrocarbons, which are digested to produce harmless byproducts such as carbon dioxide, water, and soluble fatty acids. This environmentally friendly process is less expensive than solvent cleaning and can be used for a range of applications.

Our microbial cleaners are nonpathogenic and safe to handle and dispose of, making them an ideal solution for homes and businesses alike. From parts washing to removing oil and grease from floors and drains, our products can tackle even the toughest cleaning challenges. Our solutions are also suitable for cleaning historical artworks and structures, as well as household and institutional cleaning applications. You can rely on our microbial cleaning products to keep your property and environment clean and safe, without resorting to harsh chemicals or processes that could damage your surfaces or harm your health. Trust us to provide effective and sustainable solutions for all your cleaning needs.

How are EatOils™ products different from enzymes?

The breaking down of the substrate is fundamentally what gives bacteria their cleaning efficiency. The use of bacteria rather than enzymes alone is key. Enzymes, although effective initially, only provide a benefit to the product during the initial application if used alone. In this respect they work in a similar manner to the surfactants contained within cleaning products.

Bacteria as used in EatOils™ products, however, provide a very distinct advantage in that they continue to produce enzymes to break down the available substrates. In conclusion the use of selected beneficial bacteria within a product makes the product itself a ‘microbial’, ‘bacterial’, ‘probiotic’ or biological product. EatOils™ products are microbials.

Microbial cleaning takes advantage of naturally occurring microbes to remove a wide variety of contaminants from various surfaces. The method is based on the affinity of microbes for hydrocarbons which are digested, producing harmless carbon dioxide, water and soluble fatty acids. The microbes are nonpathogenic and are safe to handle and dispose.

The process is environmentally friendly and is less expensive than solvent cleaning, but it is not applicable to high precision cleaning applications. Typical applications include parts washing; oil and grease removal from concrete and other floor surfaces, and from drains and grease traps; cleaning and disinfection in healthcare facilities; cleaning of historical artworks and structures; and household and institutional cleaning applications.

Safe Surfaces for EatOils™ Products

Roads & Driveways

Brick & Mortar



Clothing & Fabric

Animals & Fur

Furniture & Upholstry

Glass & Mirrors

Granite Surfaces

Hardwood Flooring

Wooden Furniture

Marble Surfaces

Paver Tiles

Stainless Appliances

Terrazzo Floors

Tile & Grout