Mold and Mildew on Concrete? BT200™ Does The Job.



One of our customers, Doug Rucker of Clean and Green Solutions in Kingswood, TX(Houston area) sent us the pictures below and the write-up on what he did.


While surface cleaning with a pressure washer the parking lot of this office/warehouse park, I noticed under the gutter drains the area was very moldy and mildewy. I decided to see what the BT200 could do without using a pressure washer. I have used this method before on oil stains in parking lots and it has always worked great. Here is what I did:


Knowing we had rain in the forecast for the next day, I applied BT200 at 5:1(5 parts water to 1 part BT200) in a small circle in the dirtiest part of the stain. It is always best to apply in the late afternoon or early evening, when the concrete is a little cooler. I then took a street broom and lightly agitated until I got a white lather. It doesn't require scrubbing, just a couple of brisk strokes of the broom until it lathers up. Then....I walked away. I came back the next day, and the rain and BT200 had cleaned the spot perfectly. That's what I call using Mother Nature and Green Cleaning at it's best.”


If you have mold and mildew on your concrete, siding, or any other surface, our BT200 is the product for you. Why not order some today? Come to our website at where you can purchase our products online.


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