Got Fuel in Your Fresh Water Tank? EATOILS™ Has The Answer


Owning a boat or RV can bring lots of fun to your life, yet it can also bring unexpected challenges. Occasionally, by accident or a mis-step in maintenance, you can discover that somehow, fuel has made its way into your fresh water tank – and that can be a very expensive problem to solve.

WorldWare Enterprises Ltd., manufacturer of EATOILS™ Greener-Choice Approved™ Green Cleaning Products, has discovered that the deep cleaning characteristics that you are looking for in a fresh water tank cleaning product are already available for you to use in our BT200™ Oil Stain Remover & Degreaser. This product is used to clean those giant fuel storage tanks(250 ft across) that you see in refinery operations.

While other solutions have you removing the tank and replacing it at a major cost and inconvenience to you, our BT200™ can be added directly to your tank, aerated using a $10.00 aquarium aerator, and you can be back in business in less than 3 days at a total cost of less than $200.00. For tanks up to 200 gallons here's all you have to do:

1) Go to your local pet store and purchase a plug-in(110V) aquarium aerator for a 100 gal tank (approx. $10.00) plus a length of tubing long enough to connect to the pump, go into and lay across the bottom of your tank in a circle and a divider line across the circle so once pierced (every inch or so with a 1/32 – 1/16” dia. kitchen skewer/cake tester or panel finishing nail) the part on the bottom of the tank will provide bubbles across and around the bottom of the tank,

2) Plug the end of the tubing with a rubber/cork stopper and pierce the tubing every inch or so (on the portion of the tubing that will sit on the bottom of the tank,

3) Fill the tank with luke warm water(80 – 95 degrees F),

4) Add ½ gallon of BT200™ to the tank and fill it to the brim,

5) Turn on the aerator and run it for 24 – 36 hours,

6) Flush the tank and re-fill it with warm water and repeat steps 4 and 5 and 6,

7) flush and fill with warm water and a 10% solution of chlorine bleach(10 gallons per 100) and aerate for 3 hours,

8) Flush and fill with fresh water.

This tank cleaning method has been used successfully for a number of fresh water tanks on pleasure craft and RV's over the past few years and it can be a great solution for you should this ever happen to you.

If your tank is larger than the one outlined here, contact us at the number below and we'll be pleased to give you a guideline for your situation.

For more information about these and other products available from WorldWare Enterprises Ltd. come to our website at or call us toll free anywhere in North America - Mon - Fri 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern time at 866 621 8244.