Funeral Homes and Hospitals Use EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™ to Keep Drains Running Clear


It is not something we often think of, but there is a need for products to keep drains from blocking at many institutions and large buildings in our communities. Organic materials are typically flushed on a daily basis in these facilities as a byproduct of their operations and these organic materials can easily build up in pipes and cause clogged drains.


A monthly maintenance program, whereby a small amount of EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™ is poured down the drain lines, will safely prevent clogged drains by removing the organic materials naturally from the walls of pipes and keep the lines clear.


When lines are inundated with a heavy volume of organic materials, causing a clogged drain, there is an overnight dosage for EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™ that can clear the problem and get the system 'back on track' – without the added expense of hiring a plumber.


EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™ contains no harmful chemicals, is environmentally friendly, and safe to use – even at home! For more information about this product click here.