Find Ways to Leave it Better

By Bart Cromvoirt

This is my first Blog relating to some amazing environmentally friendly cleaning, oil remediation and odour eliminating products. The name of the product is EatOils. They are based on all-natural microbials that consume all types of hydro-carbon dirt and contaminants. Essentially, they actually eat oils! Why you ask, am I so amazed and excited about a product like this.

Let me explain. As a background, I have been blessed in my life to have been given the opportunity to work hard, been given chances to excel and have had the good fortune to have met some great people. My personal philosophy has always been to “Leave it better then when you first touched it”. I always tried, in my own small way, to leave things better or improve them before I moved on. It did not always work out, but that was my over-riding goal in life, in community and in business. When the time came for me to retire, I quickly grew bored and I started looking for something to do and especially to find ways to continue with my goal to make things better.

Fortunately, I came across an excellent opportunity and I gathered a group and together we decided to buy a very interesting company. The company is called Worldware Enterprises Ltd. This firm, with over 25-years experience, created and fine tuned a line of amazing environmentally friendly and natural products called EatOils. At my age I thought my business passion had petered out. To my surprise, I had found something that I could use as a nice, practical vehicle to continue my journey to make things better. In this case it was contributing in a small way to improving the environment in which we and our children live.

Offering an alternative to harsh, toxic, petro-chemical based commercial and household cleaners is an exciting proposition for me. While I would like it if you purchased our products, the fact that I am building awareness that alternatives like EatOils products do exist is exciting to me. Building this awareness and encouraging you to purchase and use alternatives is a move to contribute to improve the environment and earth at a time when we all need to find ways to make it better.

Whether you buy from us or you buy from our competitors, the fact that you are choosing to select an environmentally friendly alternative for cleaning products is a small way that you can contribute to making it better. These alternative products have the value, performance and cost similar and at times much better than traditional cleaning products. The more of you that make this choice the more it will make a real difference to the environment and eventually to global warming. So, please give it a try. We will all win and be better off in the long run.

Make A Great Day, Thank You, Bart.