EATOILS™ SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER™ is the Best Solution for Greasy Floors in Restaurants


EATOILS SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER is ideal for deep cleaning greasy kitchen floors. Busy restaurants with 'tough to clean' floors are excellent candidates for this product. Whether you are doing daily cleaning or a regular deep clean routine this product is the answer you are looking for. 

The product is a microbial cleaner with a superior surfactant package that quickly separates the greases from the pores of the flooring material, then the microbes attach themselves to the removed materials and digest the food particles and greases, leaving a smooth, slip free floor.

SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER is designed to attack and remove long chain fatty acids typically found in fast food and food grease. Restaurants with fried food and barbecue food are ideal candidates for this cleaning product. Whether the floor is wood, tiled, concrete, composite or even rubber-based - this product chases the food and grease right down into the pores of the flooring and grout and 'eats it out'.

Professionals love how fast SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER works - usually overnight - and how quickly their clients insist on a regular cleaning with the product as part of their maintenance program. In addition, the product is certified GREEN so there is never any concern for employee health. The ongoing digesting power of the microbial cleaning action also means that the floors continue to be cleaned for days after the product is used.