EATOILS™ Microbial Cleaners Outperform Traditional Cleaners - AND They Keep On Working!


Traditional cleaners use harsh chemicals(highly acidic or highly caustic) to chemically neutralize residue on surfaces and they rely on chemical surfactants(bubble causing chemicals) to remove residual materials together with a thorough rinsing program. As a result, these chemicals can only clean for the few seconds that they are in contact with the surface and hopefully reacting chemically with the residue on the surface. Harsh chemicals can damage fabrics or skin and these harsh chemicals require warnings on their product labels(skeleton hand, corrosive, may react with other chemicals in your cupboard) which can put your family at risk from exposure.

EATOILS microbial cleaners have been proven to outperform traditional cleaners in virtually every situation. The combination of natural surfactants and active microbials provide:

  1. a thorough cleaning of the surface without rinsing,

  2. ongoing cleaning action for up to 4 days,

  3. reduced odors due to the removal of odor causing materials,

  4. GREEN, environmentally friendly and safe for you and your family,

  5. a less costly option for you = more cost effective for you.

EATOILS microbial cleaners with their ongoing cleaning action, actually remove the organic materials which make up most of the residue found on surfaces and deep in cracks and crevasses in the surface material. This makes them ideal for some of the toughest cleaning jobs that are out there like:

- removing oil & grease stains from concrete and asphalt, wood, & porous stone,

- removing mold and mildew from virtually any surface,

- grout cleaning,

- deep cleaning carpets & upholstery, removing even the oldest stains,

- deep cleaning greases and oils from floors & equipment in restaurants,

- removing odors and residue from high traffic washrooms & kitchen surfaces,

- removing smoke residue from all surfaces(cars, homes, furniture, etc.),

- removing perspiration odor from sports equipment, pads, bags, etc.,

- removing garbage odors, skunk odors, pet odors, etc. from all surfaces,

- removing food and other organic stains from all surfaces,

- maintaining grease traps to prevent buildup of organic materials,

- maintaining drains and preventing backups,

- maintaining septic systems in peak operating order to prevent costly clean-


- removing food and other organic materials from inside pipes and drains to help

prevent the spread of pests in food plants and other facilities,

- controlling algae in ponds and waterways,

- remediating soil and water containing oil-based contaminants.

So, you ask, if EATOILS microbial cleaners are so great, why haven't we seen them in our local stores? First, the big guys in cleaning products don't want you to know about our products – there are only a few giant soap companies and they rule the stores with their harsh chemical products. Second, the cost of entry into the retail cleaning products industry is prohibitively high(advertising, buying shelf space, paying store premiums, etc.) and we don't think you deserve to pay for that. Third, our products are sold in concentrated form – typically a gallon of our SUPERFRESH will make 64 gallons of cleaner – so the cost, even when you add in shipping by UPS works out to less than 1/2 what you would pay in the store - for a product that is SAFE and actually works! Fourth, our customers are our best advertisers – once a customer tries our products and sees how well they actually work, they are happy to share their experience and good news with their friends.

We have been growing by word of mouth and through the internet for the past 28 years. Our products really do work and can save you lots of money. You should consider coming to the website and browsing through our products to see what might work for you. When you are ready, you can build a cart with the products you want and place your order. If you have any questions, our customer service staff is on hand Monday – Friday 9 – 5 Eastern time, and they are ready to look after you at our toll free number 866 621 8244 – please feel free to call. Our website is