EATOILS™ Does A Better Job & Costs Less Than 'Off The Shelf' Spray Cleaners!

By Worldware Enterprises Ltd.

Current situation: At your local grocery store the Cleaner Aisle is loaded with a variety of spray bottles containing specialty and general purpose cleaners. Your cleaning cupboard at home is probably also full of products that you have tried for these jobs. Some are good at one or two jobs and some just don't seem to work when you need them to. Many contain harmful or harsh chemical ingredients. If you have any 'green' cleaning products, you probably are not happy with the price/performance that they offer. Well, at EATOILS™ we've got the answer for you!

What do we offer? Looking for a great cleaning product for your every day cleaning that is also safe for you and your family? Well, EATOILSGREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN SUPERFRESH (for hard surfaces) and SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ (for soft surfaces [fabric, carpet, clothing, upholstery, etc.]) are different! These products really work! And they contain no solvents, VOC's (volatile organic compounds), or harsh chemicals!

How do they work? Just put 2 ounces into a gallon of water (that's 1/2 ounce per quart or litre sprayer) and you'll have an excellent household cleaner that really works! - and it costs less than a dollar per spray bottle! These products will deep clean & deodorize all surfaces, remove mold & mildew, deep clean grout & tile, and they keep on working for up to 3 days!

Cost comparison: Most ready to use sprayer cleaners are sold for $3.00 - 5.00 per 1 litre/quart bottle (or smaller) in the store. EATOILSSUPERFRESH™ and SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ are sold in concentrated form by the litre/quart, or 3.78 litre/1US gallon on our website ( through our distributors. Even with shipping the cost of our products is much less than the 'off the shelf' products - 1 litre makes up to 70 litres (less than $0.50 per spray bottle) - one gallon makes up to 256 quarts (less than $0.25 per spray bottle). At these prices this should become your everyday cleaner!

All EATOILS products are GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN. Please come to our website at  - How about ordering some today?