Clean Up That Oily Mess With EATOILS BT200


Here is a report from one of our happy customers - Clean and Green Solutions in the Houston, Texas area - Doug Rucker.

Good morning Charles, attached you will find some pictures of an oil spill we recently cleaned up in a parking lot using BT200(TM).  The oily area was approx. 6000 sq. ft. in total size.  On arrival we used the BT200(TM) at 5:1, agitated with a stiff broom, and then pressure washed with a hot water pressure washer.  We then applied another application at 5:1 and let it set.  About a week later, with heavy rain in the forecast the following day, we went back, applied again at 5:1, agitated it again with a stiff broom, and walked away.  The next day we received heavy rains storms.  We went back the next day and found that virtually all the stains had disappeared. We used a total of 4 gallons of BT200 to do the job.

I should also add, that this oil spill had set for over a week, with vehicle traffic driving through it and pushing it into the pores of the concrete as well as tracking it everywhere.  Prior to us finally be chosen to do the work, (they had tried one other company at a much lower price than ours), that had zero affect on the stains. 
Before our starting, and after we are completed.
Before our starting and after Completed
Top left shows after pressure washing, but prior to applying BT200(TM) before the rain. Bottom left shows after the rain.  Right shows us applying the BT200 and agitating. 
Bottom is us applying the BT200(TM) evening before the rain. 
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